Objective and visions

Our mission is to produce high quality aluminum with maximum profitability in conformance to customers’ requirements by keeping environmental, safety and health affairs in the forefront.  The company has resolved to be a leader in all its operations, to be guided by continual improvements and to act at all times in reconciliation with the environment and society. Our future depends on outstanding employees where equality is a guiding light. We abide entirely by laws and regulations and abide by Rio Tinto code of conduct. Our vision is to ensure growth and competitiveness of the company in a sustainable manner and achieve carbon neutrality by 2040.

Zero Harm

It is our conviction that emphasis on health-, safety- and environment is a precondition of outstanding results.


One of our most important resource is qualified, engaged, and positive employees who createe a safe and coveted place of work.

Value Creation

We maximize the firms profitability by using continuous improvement and clearly defined goals to ensure efficiency of all processes


We emphasize on operating in reconciliation with the environment and community. Our objective is to have satisfied customers, who pick ISAL as their first choice.



We ensure growth and competitiveness with better utilization of our assets and responsible investment strategy.


ISAL values are

·          Care - Courage - Curiosity



Rio Tinto Iceland Ltd. Straumsvik - P.O. BOX 244 - 222 Hafnarfjordur - T: +354 560 7000 - F: +354 560 7070 - isal@riotinto.com