Objective and visions

Technological large-scale industry is the term that best describes Rio Tinto Iceland ltd. Aluminium production is a good example of how a long-established industry can utilize the best that the computer and technology sectors offer in order to increase quality of production. Our factory is one such technological workplace, where employee knowledge and skills are high. Our objective is to consistently produce a high-quality product and to ensure quality, we follow the international standard ISO 9001.

Discussion of environmental issues has increased considerably over the past years. Individuals and companies are increasingly aware of their environment, how land is accessed and natural resources are utilized. Environmental issues are among the most important issues considered by Rio Tinto Iceland ltd., and in 1997 the Company became the first Icelandic company to implement the environmental management system as set out in the international standard ISO 14001. The system covers all aspects of Company operations and is tightly integrated into the quality-control system. In the past, extensive improvements have been carried out on cleaning equipment, and even though we have come a long way, we still look for new ways to improve environmental factors, to set new goals and achieve them.

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